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Over many years dogs have been considered a member of the family. By using one of the dog fence systems that we offer owners can keep every dog family member safe while providing their furry friend plenty of room to roam and play. We carry the best of the best on the market today. We have pets as well and know how important it is to use products that are safe to your pet and keep your pet safe. No matter what size yard or what size pet we are confident that we have a system that has all the features you will need as a pet owner.

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Basic Dog Fence
Basic Dog Containment Fence

Petsafe Basic Dog Fence
  • Up to 10 acres
  • 1 Correction levels
  • Works with Multiple Pets
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Dog Fence
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Wireless Dog Fence
Wireless Dog Containment Fence

Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence
  • Up to 2.5 acres
  • Dogs 10 lbs - 130 lbs
  • Pet Range in Real Time
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Dog Fence
Wireless Dog Fence
Premium Dog Fence
Premium Dog Containment Fence

Innotek IUC-4100
  • Up to 25 acres
  • 7 Levels of Correction
  • Auto adjusting levels
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Dog Fence
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Rechargable Dog Fence
Rechargable Dog Fence

Innotek SD-2100
  • Up to 25 acres
  • Dog Size 15-220lbs
  • Run-Through prevention
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Dog Fence
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Deluxe Dog Fence
Deluxe Dog Fence

Ultra Deluxe Comfort Contact
  • Up to 5 acres
  • 10 lbs to 200 lbs
  • Lightning Protector
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Dog Fence
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Indoor Pet Containment
Indoor Pet Containment

Innotek Indoor Dog Zone
  • Zone Range Up to 10'
  • For pets 5 lbs. or more
  • Wireless and Cordless
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Pet Containment
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Specialized Dog Fence
Specialized Dog Containment Fence

Petsafe Little Dog Fence
  • Up to 25 acres
  • For Dogs 6 to 220lbs
  • 4 Correction levels
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Dog Fence
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Cat Containment
Hand Free Leash

Petsafe Cat Fence
  • Up to 25 acres
  • 4 Correction levels
  • Collar stretches for safety
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Cat Containment
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Welcome to Dog Fence 4 Less!

The hardest part of training is communication. The best way to communicate to the dog what you want is to be able to get the dog’s attention in the act. Dogs require proper training and guidance to determine their boundaries and limitations at home. Whether you wish to keep them in the yard or out of certain rooms in the home, we have the perfect solution. Here at Dog Fence 4 Less, we are striving to make training your dog as easy as possible. We may love our dogs and want them to roam free, but we also feel worry when we leave them at home alone and get upset if we find the house wrecked. What we sell is a training tool to assist in the training of a dog to obey the boundaries set by their masters.

The people of Dog Fence 4 Less we want to make it easy for customers to make the best decision on their dog fence purchase. Please take your time to see our entire line of systems available which include both indoor and outdoor use to satisfy all of the dog fence needs. Along with fast, friendly customer service, we are offering only the finest dog fence products at the best prices available in the market today. We are also offering the lowest prices and best deals available. As customers go through our pages, they will discover many new innovative and practical dog fence systems that can train dogs to avoid areas that are "off-limits".

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